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FIFA's arguments the fact that use of goal - jingliu015 - 03-26-2017 08:10 PM

It is now obvious the Cheap FIFA 18 Coins fact that match officials really need many help to be able to give the finest judgment and minimize the condition of injustice meted out next to certain teams. Let it be that a united team is losing a match because it deserves to lose, instead of because of poor officiating. Because of this , FIFA needs to consider the make use of goal technology in making a decision the actual position of a number of goals.

FIFA's arguments the fact that use of goal line technological know-how would slow down the game, and therefore it would be expensive, do not have water. The live ranking boards are already in the stadiums and it takes only few strokes to show a replay with the goal and a decision could well be taken (whether it was basically a goal or not). It may be shown to the whole world, and that will settle the controversy. Both teams would see clearly who is right or wrong also.

I would also suggest many electronic devices be placed on often the goal posts and should possibly be automatically activated the moment a new ball crosses the line. If activated, it should begin to thumb some lights or supply a beep directly to the referee through his ear cellphone. https://www.fifa18coins.co.uk