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How to deal with someone else "Bully"

The "Bully" is bullying. Which has various forms Whether it's a bash Which results in physical abuse or insults, mocking the inferiority of people who want to bully Which affects the state of mind The bullying was very violent. Can also result in the death of those who have ever committed suicide That is to say, those who do it will be directly affected. Both from the feeling of loss of self-worth Lack of self-confidence And various negative feelings such as feeling of shame Do not dare to face others, etc. These problems are going to become a big problem. That increase in number and more intensity every moment Tonkit360 has advice on how to deal with other bully when it comes to appearance.

Mind and let go Do not give priority

The first thing that should be done is to stay mindful. And do not take too much emphasis on the joker123 words of the malicious person or the intention of mocking our inferiority complex. Because even if we pay more attention to that word Those words will have a greater influence on us. Above all, we have to respect ourselves. And see the value of yourself first Which is very important Because we see our own worth first Will make us ready to face problems in every situation

Improve yourself

Continued from the above After we see the value of ourselves The next rank is we must try to let go. And lift your mind to step over and gradually develop yourself to be better Whether it is in the matter of modifying the dress, new haircut, makeup training, etc., which are all good coping. Because in addition to allowing us to not have to sit and stagnate Or overthinking those words We have changed to do better ourselves. Which is considered the best way

To consult a friend or family member To help you find a solution

If we still have concerns and do not know what to do Then choose to consult a trusted friend Or family So that they can guide a solution By some friends, it may be a good help. To suggest a variety of our look, the family is definitely something. That he is ready to listen to any problem And always ready to find a way to help So don't hesitate to ask for help. And don't keep that embarrassment alone

Try to counter some.

Came to the last countermeasure that must be said first We do not encourage those who have been taken to respond in clashes. Because it may exacerbate the bullying from the adversary But I told you to try to counter it. That is, we might be honest. With people who speak badly to us that We don't like the way he jokes or teases. To explain the reasons And told him to stop the racist act Or is it bad for us to lose it because it is not funny at all

Nowadays, we hear the word "Bully" a lot because today people communicate a lot through the cyber world. To think that it is just a cyber bully But in fact Bully can happen anywhere in everyday life. Be it in school or work and have been around for a long time Bullying isn't just in cyberspace. But it can happen anywhere in the real world. Be it in school or work and have been around for a long time Responding to the bullies consciously, stay silent, respond at the right time, not overthinking, stressful or anxious. Including choosing to live in a good environment society Some social stories are closed. If you can't find a way out Should see a doctor for appropriate treatment.

What is a Bully?

Dr. Kovit Nopporn, MD, specialized in psychology Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital stated that bullying is a violent behavior of bullying and bullying, both verbally and physically. If born in real life, it is often a mimicry Social status Including physical abuse Most of the online world is due to social media outrage. Often times, bullying can have so many emotional effects that it can lead to trauma so deeply that it is difficult to heal. Or it could escalate into a collision and cause physical wounds.

Which type is Bully?

Bullying behavior with bullying May not be completely separated Also, this is mostly due to the actions of those who think they are more powerful than those who are inferior or the big ones who bully the small ones. Those behaviors can be repeated if they are subjected to the first abuse. The victim may be able to forgive. But if it happens repeatedly, it can eventually become stress or resentment. In addition, most actors have a clear goal of wanting others to be humiliated, hurt, degraded, or impaired. Which can be classified as Bully as follows Physical bully It is physically injuring the other person to cause an injury, a wound that can be seen from the outside. In some cases, it can also affect the mind.Verbal bully Though there were no physical wounds to be seen But speaking sneakily and mocking verbal abuse for others to hear In addition to causing embarrassment and anxiety, it may create stress, suppress, and even lead to depression. Or fear of society It is a very painful trauma.Social Bully This creates a social wave surrounding it to rage on the victims of bullying. As if lending the hand of people around to share harm to only one person, such as releasing a clip of the victim. Or creating a rumor Until the eaters believe and are ready to share and spread the news to a wider area Until the victim has no social stand

Cope with bullying

A lot of times the bully happens just because of the rush of fun. Temporary anger Or is it just a momentary decision But the consequences can be numerous and lasting for those who have been hit. Therefore, knowing how to deal with bullying may help you avoid these physical, mental and social wounds:Use the stillness to suppress the bully. Staying silent on the Bully helps the Bully story go away quickly. This is because the offender tends to have the victim in response To create a wave of violence Or add satisfaction But when the executed chooses to remain silent An activist Bully might get bored and eventually retreat by himself.Respond politely With words and expressions that were not fun. Or do not like actions, including various verbal That is mentioned in words and in a polite manner, not shouting in a loud voice or using profanity. Including clearly clarifying if the alleged matter is not true Talk to a friend of fate to help each other resolve. Sometimes the bullies do not happen to just one person. Finding a participant will add evidence and evidence that The bullies make things more hurting their victims rather than the truth. In addition, a friend of fate can be a great counselor to relieve suffering.

Change the environment If the bully is difficult to tolerate physically or mentally Changing peer workplaces may also speed up recovery from a bully trauma.Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. Many times, bullying crosses the victim's line until it eats the mind, causing wounds to the point that the victim can no longer live in society. In some cases it can become stressful. Isolation from society To the stage of suppression Depressed And ended up suicide Therefore, the ideal solution is to see a specialist, whether it is a psychologist or a psychiatrist, to discuss the correct and effective treatment.We were born and lived during the technological advancement. A bully that doesn't have to happen only through encounters. We may one day fall victim to a social bully from someone who never knew each other. Or may be a co-victim of another Bully action Even being a bully starter without realizing it So no matter what action That makes other people feel inferior, humiliating, humiliating, take a step back Take a few more breaths before proceeding, share, like, or write, say, because these things have happened. Despite how many times we have removed it Will always be buried in the hearts of the victim
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