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Final Fantasy XVI.

As the PlayStation 5 is once again releasing slotxo a major showcase, Final Fantasy XVI news has been brought up again. Which has both insider news that have been confirmed together And it is possible that this new game in the famous RPG series that many people have been waiting for. It will also be released for PlayStation 5 as a Time Exclusive.

News of the possibility this time This comes from the discovery of the Final Fantasy XVI mystery Twitter that was created and registered with Square Enix, which is the case with the Prince of Persia Remake who had created a Twitter account prior to the game's release. What's interesting is that Shinji Hashimoto, Senior Producer of Square Enix and Final Fantasy series, also tweeted about the PlayStation 5 Showcase, before deleting the tweets for no slotxo apparent reason.

As for the insider news, it was confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI was actually being developed. And it was in the previous PlayStation 5 launch schedule, but has since been re-scheduled to launch a new game Project Athia instead, as it may draw attention to the new game. Or it could be a change slotxo to the plan because of the impact of COVID-19 that made the announcement postponed.

Square Enix has previously announced that there will be a number of games coming out this year, however the launch of Final Fantasy XVI on the PlayStation 5 Showcase is likely to be the perfect moment. Fans of the Final Fantasy series will probably have to sit in their chairs and slotxo wait for the news. Whether to actually see the new game part that is waiting this time or not
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